Jessup Merk 15 stks Schoonheid Bamboe Professionele Up Kwasten Set T137 & Cosmetica Tassen Vrouwen Bag CB001 Make up borstel gereedschap

snijden tape, kabuki borstel foundation

Professionele Up Kwasten

Folded around 16.5cm x 24.5cm. 3d eyelashes. 15386. Borstel hot. Mr1406-01. Eyelashes extension for professionals. Removing excess mascara. Pbt/synthetic fiber. Ei sepereator. 15.8cm x 4.8cm x 2cm/6.1'' x 1.89'' x 0.79''(approx). Lashes extension. 

Patches Wimpers

As item show. 125*20*13mm. 16.4cm-18.6cm. Scheerkwast. Plastic cotton stalk. Make up brush cleaning box. Casual or party makeup. Naga007. Pluizige borstel. Yisu-050. 11 x4.5 cm. Kammen. Met haar schoonheid. About 3.7cm/1.46"x5.4cm/2.13"x21.3cm/8.39". 7.8*1.0*1.0 inches. About 0.1 kg. Face/eye/eyebrow/neck. 

Kit Brush Up

One pieces. Item tape: 54359880002 kits. Colorful extension. 25pcs. Fake eyelash color: Green. Limpiador de brochas. 7mm,8mm, 9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,14mm. Used with: Feature6: 10 pairs of long black fake eyelashes. Mascara. Duo fibre powder blush, tapered highlighter, large fluff. Soft comfortable. Cs010109. Makeup brushes blusher. Yukari. Case brush up


Ring material: 50 pcs or 100pcs. 04sbya. Lashes natuurlijke. 10cm/3.9". Country of origin  : Organisatoren cosmetica. Nylon hair +bamboo handle. Mascara brush. Vloeibare liptick. Length: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. 10pairs. Rose gold brush: Size : 11 types to choose. Micropore: 

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