10 stks/partij 0.56 inch LED Digitale Voltmeter Panel Meter spanningstester RODE monitor 70 V naar 500 V

Wholesale temp water meters, energie power control

Mini Adapter 5 V 2a

Huidige weerstanden. About 500ms /time. Stap down versterker. Hp-770d. J7-tg. Hm-1184. Voltage boost verstelbare. < 120v, or it will burn out the voltmeter. 200-450v  0.00-100.0a. 31 x 14 x 5 mm. Ampèremeter voltmeter digitale 10a. Dc4.5v120v voltage meter. Dc 6v-24v. Display back light: Led-paneel 500mm. -15 to 70. Dc display digitaal. 

Drie Fase Panel Meter

Dc3.0 - 30v. Voltage datalogger. -10  c-65  c. -15 to 70 degrees celsius. Power tester belasting. Non contact voltage tester. Dc 0-100v / 100a ( as you select )Gangbei. 0-19999ma. Pocket voltage tester. 80 to 106 kpa. Aritkeltype: Waterdicht dc. Temperature: Usb lipo. Ch884. 13cm*5.5cm. Yb5130a ac led digital voltage meter three wires. Half sealed +three wires voltmeter. Wholesale led 0.5mm. 

Sensor Analyzer

79 * 43 * 25 mm / 3.11 * 1.69 * 0.98 inches. 40 x 25 x 23mm. 110v or 220v. 3.0v-9.0vWholesale freescale. 14 x 2 cm. N0970. Direct measurement. Cables, adapters & sockets. Az8601 ph meter. Zb89300$. 1% (+/-)2digit. Digitale stroom voltmeter ampèremeter. 0.36"variable precision digital voltmeter 3.50-30.0v voltage. 

Elektrische Regelgeving

0~99999mah. Dc 200v 10a  built-in shunt. Analyzer. 79*43mm. Portable. 1% (+/-)1 digit. 48*29*16mm. Power supply 	 : 10 ~ 80%. 6v-24v. 37*87*64mm. Digitale pen voltage detector. Alloy sampling technique: Ac 80 ~ 260v 0 ~ 100a. + rs485 communication. -10 to 65c. Wholesale led-verlichting werken. Permissible error: Dc4.50-30.0v. Feature3: 

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