Olaudem USB 3.1 Type C USB 3.0 + HDMI + Type C gegevens Opladen Adapter USB C Converter Ondersteuning 1080 P voor Macbook 12 inch AT007

hdmi lite, voor armbanden accessoires

Xiaomi Muis

Nylon. Wholesale mate 10 lite. lcd. 4 k hdmi. Type c to usb hub converter. White. 12 tv. Jack,coaxiale,speakon,s-video. Multimedia,televisie,monitor,computer. Cc0319. Type-c,mini usb,hdmi. Kabelbinders: On7042404. Lumia 950xl only support 720p. 

Dongle Macbook

See the picture. Thunderbolt usb 3 adapter. Oortelefoon usb type c. Productstatus: Usb3.0 c type. Cd0444. Product: Dp 4k. Nokia usb data. Compatibel drone merk: Multimedia,televisie,camera,tv box,mp3/mp4 speler,computer. 

3.5mm Naar 2 Rca

Output interface-2: Connectivity: Dc-3v 10 color collocation. Hdmy audio splitter. Mate pro. Wholesale mini xlr. Remmen fiets. Type-c connector. Siancs. Jack,hdmi,vga. Audio verlengsnoer,type-c kabels,aux kabels. Type-c/usb3.1 to usb 3.0 cable. Usb3.1 type c male to dvi female. Usb type-c to hdmi cable. Name: Zhuanchanpinsiquanjia. Retailing package. Projector,televisie,monitor,computer. 

Mac Adapter Usb C

Tpc-dp1. Mini displayport (mini dp). Draad sprong. Wholesale macbook usbc hub. For macbook nexus 5x for nexus 6p nokia n1. Up to 10gbps.. Samsung np300e connector. Power consumption (w/m):Televisie,multimedia,computer,projector. Hdmi galaxy s8. 

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