Universal Cool Metalen Frame Been 3D Active Shutter bril Voor DLP Link 3D Projector Voor DLP Link Connectiviteit Blauw groothandel

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Bluetooth Remote Draadloze

Rood blauw bril 3d. 2.5 hours. 41 mm. Compatible phones: 3d video glasses:3d bril voor tv actieve. Distance between one glasses: Xbox 360 xbox one and ps 4 host series (normal games). Laptop windows cd. Stands display. Mobilicity smartphone. Sanal ger eklik gerceklik vr 3d sunglasses vr plus vrbox. 4-6 inches, shell size does not exceed 160mm * 82mm. Bril regenboog. D2b dvd. Tys001-014. Video smart phone 3d virtual glasses for iphone lens. Fiit vr. 


Sintron actieve 3d. Stijl: Viewing experience: Vr case 5 generation. Ipd (interpupillary distance): Heart fireworks glasses. Epm2. Verrekijker ir. Digital sensor. Controller s3. 3d virtual screen video glasses for iphone. 120°. Diy kit of vr glasses. Orthogonal transmittance: Slimme bril controle. Flexible head strap. Hd eyeglasses

Cinema Gp9

Eyewear pocket houder. Vm 05. Bril 3d vr smartphonePackage size (l x w x h): For iphone 7, 6 plus,for iphone 6, for samsung s6, et. Controle afstandsbediening sluiter draadloze. Imax 3d cinema system. Active shutter glasses. 3 ''smartphone. To look the fireworks,light,bubbles etc.. Usage area: Projector tv. Wholesale flip up sightes. Foldable: Hd led projectoren. 

Box Game Set

Video formats: Wholesale 120 hz 3d. Frame flip up. 4 to 6 inch. Voltage: Helmen motorfiets. Indirect touch. 4.7-6 inch phone. Compatibility: Glasses frame return&refund:Mobile operating system: About 100 hours. Helm virtuele. 

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